Valle De La Mina, Panama

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Lost & Found Unique But Over-Hyped
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago
Lost & Found Unique But Over-Hyped

This eco-lodge is located in a cloud forest near David, b/t Bocas and David in Chiriqui Province. I heard about it from other backpackers and saw plenty of posters in Almirante and Bocas Town. To get to the hostel, you have to hike 20-30 mins uphill. There is only 1 dorm room with triple bunk beds (full, twin) that, at full capacity, can fit up to 24 people. We shared a full-sized bed for $10 pp. Dinner was $6 and was, admittedly, not very tasty though filling. The lodge sponsors a few noteworthy giveback programs and is a great way to meet other backpackers. However, it is too secluded (the closest town is 30 mins away), and there is no Internet access. For me, this was not a must visit.