Vienna, Austria

What to Do

Heurigen Hopping

Weiner Heurigen
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Weiner Heurigen

Heuer means “this year” and heurigens are the wine taverns where you can try new wine. Heurigens are attached to the vineyard where the wine is made and where they serve wine and sell hot food. The easiest heurigens to get to are in Grinzing in the hills just outside of the city. You can get to the area by bus. One heurigen I recommend is Weinhof Zimmermann, which is casual, on a slope, and has nice views of the surrounding vineyards. Their website:


See the Opera for 2,50 Euros
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I found this very detailed blog post about how you go about getting a standing room (stehplatz) ticket at the Vienna State Opera: The post is from 2008 but seems relevant still. If you're in Vienna in July or August, you're SOL as the opera house is closed during these months. To see an events schedule, visit:

Where to Stay


Relaxing in Vienna
by Andrealuft about 9 years ago
Relaxing in Vienna

If you are looking for a quitter place to stay Hostel Ruthensteiner is a great place. It is not a party hostel, but the staff is helpful and very friendly.

Most people at the hostel seemed to be staying for more then just a night
or two, so it is a good place to slow down your trip and have a few days
of lazy museums and maybe take in an opera. And while Vienna might have a
bit of a bar seen it is not the best European town for it, so it might be
a good city for a little R & R anyway.

Address: Robert Hamerling Gasse 24, A-1500 Vienna.

What to Eat

Street Food

The heurigen (wine taverns) of Vienna
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The heurigen (wine taverns) of Vienna

Feast on the local cuisine and try the first wine of the year at any of the Viennese wine taverns on the outskirts of town. There is outdoor seating--wooden chairs--and nice gardens. The food was incredible and, more importantly, plentiful. We ate like kings here!

Vienna's hotdog stands are the best
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My favorite memory of Vienna is of late night runs to the neighborhood kasakrainer stand. My friend and I would get such unruly cravings for this delicious cheese-filled sausage served with bread and mustard. We always got the kasakrainer hotdogs. I don't know how you are supposed to enjoy it any other way. Yum.

Where to Party

Entertainment Guide

Entertainment Info
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The city's events schedule (music, film, entertainment, festivals) can be viewed online at and

Festivals & Events

Klimt 2012 Exhibits

Year of Klimt
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In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the renown artist’s birth, Vienna’s museums, libraries, and other relevant historical sites will host the largest collection of Gustav Klimt works in any city. The 2012 exhibits will show at the Leopold Museum (, Belvedere (, MAK ( and Wien Museum (

Rathausplatz Film Festival

Annual Summer Festival, No Admission Cost
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Whether on the subway, at busy plazas, or the State Opera House, where you can standing room tickets for as low as 2,50 euros, music is everywhere and accessible to all in Vienna. During July/August, the city puts on a huge outdoor concert featuring operas, operettas, ballet, jazz, and other shows. The festival goes on every day in front of the historic City Hall at Rathausplatz. This year’s annual film/music festival will take place from June 30 – Sept 2. For the events schedule, go to: