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Check the time the club opens.
by Caitlinpanis about 9 years ago
Check the time the club opens.

So my friends and I were backpacking in Croatia, on the island of Hvar. There is a famous club there called Carpe Diem, on its own little island of Strepanska just off the coast of Hvar. Naturally wanting to go, we were trying to find transportation there. We asked some of the locals that told us there were ferries that take people over. We kept waiting and waiting, and by midnight, we decided to just get our own private boat taxi over, because it didn't cost much more. We got there, they dropped us off on the little dock slash entrance to the club, and we found out it doesn't open until 1:30am. Boat taxis start at 1am. So we chilled on the dock for an hour and a half.