Aix-en-Provence, France

What to See

Barrage Du Bimont

Le barrage du Bimont, a turquoise nugget
by Hzk about 7 years ago

On the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, within a 20 minutes-drive by bus or car, exists a breathtaking site. An artificial dam in the middle of nowhere has transformed the Canal de Provence's colour by turning into a strange but appealing opaque turquoise. The contrast between the river's colour and the ruddle earth and purple flowers surrounding it and the towering of the famous Sainte-Victoire makes the scenery unique. It will give an original impression of the Pays de Provence's charm.

Although it is forbidden to swim, the park is fun and accessible for the whole family. There are many easy paths and intimate creeks all around and it is perfect for a lazy and very calm afternoon enjoying sun baths after having paced all over Aix-en-Provence. Be sure to take your suncream and a bottle of water with you as the place is deserted.