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Food in Georgia...
by Mariana of about 8 years ago
Food in Georgia...

Khinkali - lovely meat dumplings. They are made with pork or beef or a combo or both and some herbs. It can also be made with potatoes or cheese and these are lovely with sour cream.
Katchapuri - Georgians roughly translate this as cheese bread. Plenty of varieties from various regions. Imeruli is usually a flat bread with a salty cheese filling. Ajma consists of layers of cheese and doughy bread almost like a lasagna. Adjaruli is the bomb. It is shaped like a boat with plenty of cheese and to top things off, a raw egg is cracked into the hot cheese after it is removed from the oven. You can let the egg cook in this heat or just enjoy the yolk as it drips off your fork.
Kebabi - Basically this is a long rod of meat, sometimes just served with onions on its own or wrapped in a lavash.
Katleti - Meat cutlet sometimes served on its own and eaten with bread or served with potato puree.