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Facts about Germany

  • Currency:
  • Euro
  • Language:
  • German
  • Electricity:
  • 230 V
  • Calling Code:
  • +49
  • Capital City:
  • Berlin
  • Famous For:
  • N/A

Stuff to See and Do


What to See

Munich In General

German Culture
by Nonameproduct about 8 years ago

If you really want to experience and induldge yourself into the german culture, make sure you visit Munich. Not only is it the place to learn a bit of history but it also showcases many architecture that reflects German's people. Also you are walking the streets where Hitler walked and where Nazi party gained power.

What to Do


Dealing with emotion in Germany
by Arielduclos about 8 years ago

There are few places, especial in Berlin that are often hard to deal with. The Monument for the Jewish near the Branderbourg gate is one of those. If you plan to go there, don't miss it. Just plan a cheer-up activity afterward. A street after the memorial, there is a real fun restaurant that serve German food with the best beer in the world!

Walking Tours

New Europe Free Walking Tours: A Must Do Activity
by Andrealuft about 10 years ago
New Europe Free Walking Tours: A Must Do Activity

New Europe is a great company that hosts FREE walking tours in major European cities. This gives you a lay of the land and helps you plan what you want to do. The tour guides will offer tips and tricks about the best ways to avoid lines at popular sites or good restaurants you might want to check out.

At the end of the tours the guides, who are often other long-term travellers, will ask for donations. Guides pay the New Europe company $2.50 for every guest they take so if they are bad tour guides they actually lose money and don’t stay around for too long, so you are very likely to get a great tour guide.

Most cities tours run at 11am & 1pm

The best cities: Berlin & Munich

What to Eat

Street Food

Currywurst --> Gross
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 9 years ago

I like Indian food and I like sausage but I did not like the currywurst. The bratwurst is served with some kind of BBQ sauce, sprinkled with curry spices. It was a bit too on the heavy side for me. Try just the bratwurst and your choice of condiment for something lighter.

Getting Around


Ride Black
by Changed about 9 years ago
Ride Black

9/10 times, you don't have to purchase a subway/railway ticket in Germany. I've ridden on the systems in Berlin and Hamburg multiple times and never been hassled by the ticket collectors. In Dusseldorf I rode from the airport and back without a ticket and never was questioned. Save your money for more Hefeweizen and doner kebap!

General Advice

What To Bring

Getting money in Europe
by Packardca about 10 years ago

When your planning a trip you think of money naturally. People usually change their money in a air ports. More than likely you will pay a very high rate! My suggestion to everyone thinking of traveling is just bring your ATM card with you over in Europe. There are ATMs everywhere. In Poland they are called Bankomats. This way you get the top rate for your money, and if you loose your card you can always cancel it! With that being said make sure you keep the international number for your bank, that is usually printed on the back of the card, on hand.