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Tour Skouras Winery
by Caroline about 6 years ago

Nemea is known for its incredible wines. And I highly recommend touring Skouras Winery because it is a great experience and has great wines. Our tour guide showed us how the entire process of wine making occurred at their vineyards. She was incredibly passionate and loved being there. Even the wine cellar was beautiful. And she made us excited to try out the different wines. They provided us with two white wines to sample. And before they offered us the wine our tour guide explained to us the process of how that specific wine was made and went over proper wine etiquette. She provided us with two red wines to sample, as well. All four wines had a variety of flavors so that everyone in our group tried something that they liked. And if you didn't like the wine they had a cup to pour it out into. My favorite wine was their signature one known as the blood of Hercules believed to make you stronger.