Corinth, Greece

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Marinos Restaurant a Must Eat
by Caroline about 6 years ago

The Marinos restaurant provides a great sampling of traditional Greek foods, and has beautiful views, all at reasonable prices. They even have a rooftop deck that overlooked the water and town of Corinth, and had some incredible sunsets. All of the workers always had a smile on their face and seemed happy to see me every time I went there. When I did a summer abroad program with my school to Greece we spent a lot of time at the rooftop deck for our seminars. The rooftop was beautiful and you got to see some amazing sunsets there. The food there was excellent and I highly recommend trying their fresh squeezed orange juice, their fried zucchini, fried cheese balls, and their baklava. They were also great at accommodating dietary needs because they provided us with vegetarian gyros where they substituted the lamb with cheese instead. Which was really great because gyros are such a staple of Greek food and I'm glad I had the opportunity to try them.

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Tasso's has the best deal on Olive Oil
by Caroline about 6 years ago

If there's one thing you have to bring home from Greece is their olive oil, but depending on where you want to buy it - the olive oil can be quite expensive. If you are in Corinth I recommend that you stop by at Tasso's for some olive oil. This is a charming restaurant and inn but has amazing olive oil. And he offers it at a decent bargain of 4 euros. In many places in Athens you would have to pay double the price. I regret only buying one bottle from Tassos' because my family devoured the olive oil at home.