Ios, Greece

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Francescos Hostel, Ios, Greek Isles
by Travelpunk33 about 9 years ago
Francescos Hostel, Ios, Greek Isles

ALRIGHT, get your ass ready to party here. I had read that this was the 7th rated hostel in the world, and damn, it sure could be. We arrived by ferry from Santorini, and the hostel had a transfer bus there.We opted for a private double room with bathroom. 34 Euro The front desk had decent hours, and had internet access for cost. They also served breakfast for a decent price. Everynight at 10:00, they have a free shot round for the hostel guests. Keep in mind that most of the nightclubs don't open till 1-2 in the morning, and most parties end after sunrise. We didn't quite make it, as we like to have our first beer at lunch. We are usually lucky to see midnight, but damn if 6-10 beers on the beach isn't a good time.
If you are on Ios, you should 100% stay at this hostel. Its the place to be. 3 days in a row, we saw 25 or so backpackers arrive and/or leave. Great Place