Santorini, Greece

What to See

Koutsogiannopoulos Winery

Breaking Dishes on a Quiet Island
by Andrealuft about 10 years ago
Breaking Dishes on a Quiet Island

Santorini is Honeymoon Island for sure. But it is beautiful. The Koutsogiannopoulos Winery is worth your while. They have a museum that talks about the history of wine making in the region and is well priced. They offer a wine tasting Ė and their dessert wine is amazing. In addition to the museum the winery hosts dinner night with live Greek music and dancing. The night starts with a wine tasting, then a dinner buffet and finally dancing (plus BREAKING DISHES) Email and they can have a bus pick you up. And considering dinner and drinks are involved it is actually a reasonably priced night out. Though, I highly recommend going in a group, rather than alone.

Red Beach

Red Beach
by Andrealuft about 10 years ago
Red Beach

Red Beach in Santorini is world famous.
But! You should know: 1. Itís quite a bit south of Fira, the islandís main town. So it may be easier to make your red beach day the day you rent scooters or ATVs. 2. The actual beach is hard to get to. The red rock is quite sharper leading up to the beach, and there is a steep hill you have to climb up and then around to get to the beach. So, donít bring a lot of junk and wear good shoes. 3. Bring a lunch. There arenít a lot of restaurants nearby, except one, but when I tried to eat there the server was very drunk and failed to actually bring anything. 4. Bring water! It will be hard to find in the area and you will need it.

What to Do

Hiking In Santorini

Santorini Beaches

Sunset Dinner In Oia

Sunset Dinner Secret
by Ryanriley33 about 8 years ago

Who hasn't dreamed of backpacking through Greece? Well this past August, my wife and I finally got the opportunity. Everyone knows that one of the most popular activities in Santorini is to have a sunset dinner in Oia on the north end of the island. What most people don't know is that while the tourist high road charges an arm and a leg for the sunset view dinner over the caldera, the sun actually sets on the other side! For the best view, find a local place that overlooks the ocean away from the caldera side facing northwards and keep your wallet a little fuller!

Where to Stay

Near The Red Beach

To Stay in Fira or Not to Stay in Fira: Hotel Mathios Village
by Andrealuft about 10 years ago
To Stay in Fira or Not to Stay in Fira: Hotel Mathios Village

Santorini has a lot of options for where to stay. If youíre in a group it may be easier to find a hotel rather than a hostel, as it is not particularly a party island anyway. However, Iíd recommend trying to stay in the town of Fira, rather than on the out skirts because there is not a lot to do outside of the

I stayed at Hotel Mathios Village, they restaurant was great and the staff was amazing. It had a nice pool and served complimentary breakfast.

I stayed with two girls, so it ended up costing each of us the same as a hostel, but it was a little south of Fira and unless we wanted to walk quite a ways it was hard to find much to do. Though it's near the famous red beach.

Getting Around


Rent an ATV
by Debra of about 9 years ago
Rent an ATV

I think the best way to see Santorini is by ATV. You can rent one for the day for as little as 20 euro in the off season. To compare bus tickets are 2.20 one way and the island is too big to really walk and see everything. By ATV you can work your way from one tip of the island to the next and see everything in one day if you really want to.

General Advice

Stuff to Know

Avoid the Donkey Rides
by Caroline about 6 years ago

If you look at images of Santorini it is often featured with donkeys. They are viewed as a must do on Santorini, but I recommend avoiding them. There was clear evidence that the donkeys were whipped into obeying the owners to the extent that they would rather ram you into a wall or other people than risk getting whipped. They were also all overcrowded on a hot day where I did not see any water for them, nor places to spread out. Everyone in my group that rode them felt like animal abusers after it. Instead of taking the donkeys I recommend walking, or taking the cable car.