Reykjavik, Iceland

What to Eat

Local Specialties

Iceland's interesting dishes
by Koty of about 8 years ago

Don't be afraid to try Iceland's unique dishes. The best time to go is during August when the city of Reykjavik holds their annual Culture Night. Try the baked sheep's head, the fermented shark, and any other weird cuisines you can find. You'll be telling the story of that time the waiter brought a literal sheep's head to your plate to eat for the rest of your life!

General Advice

Budgeting High Cost Areas

Iceland Tips
by Ana about 8 years ago

I flew into Reykjavik and found that if you are going outside of the city there is no other transportation...besides tour packages. There are hostels some near campgrounds...camping is cheaper. The information desk at the airport was helpful and helped me my first night with a (12am) low budget bed and breakfast. I would have to say the people everywhere were really helpful and curtious. Iceland is expensive, so online car rental...etc. prior would help with costs, and buying food at the super market like Kronan is cheaper than eating out. At the bed and breakfast I stayed at it even had a kitchenette so it's worth a shot to ask when you reserve a stay somewhere if a kitchen is included. ---Beautiful country worth the experience, atv,snowmobiling, geothermal natural spas;to name a few. Weather also does not fluctuate to extremes so off season would be cheaper.