Dublin, Ireland

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Gardiner Street Lower

Isaac's Hostel in Dublin, Ireland. Perfect!
by Justin of JustinsTravels.com about 9 years ago
Isaac's Hostel in Dublin, Ireland.  Perfect!

I spent two weeks in Ireland and stayed at various hostels. I was in Galway about to head back to Dublin, and one of my roommates recommended I check out Isaac's when I get back to Dublin. I checked in expecting to stay a night or two like I generally do at hostels, and then move on to the next. However when I got to Isaac's, I did not check out until I had to go catch my flight. It was by far the best hostel I stayed at in Ireland. And it's not because they are fancy or have any one thing in particular that stands out. If I had to pick one thing it would be the beer garden. Having a beer garden at a hostel makes meeting other backpackers really easy and adds a great social aspect to the experience. They also have a great basement area with a ping pong table, pool table, playstation, etc. After a night out in the city with the great people I met in the beer garden earlier, this basement area made for a nice area to continue being social and relax before going to bed.

Border Crossings

United Kingdom

Dublin ferry port money
by Scuba89 about 9 years ago

When traveling by ferry into Dublin from the Uk you will be unable to find an ATM at the terminal so make sure you have euros on you to take the bus into town (2.50) otherwise it's a long walk I trust me

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Cell phones in Ireland/Europe
by Justin of JustinsTravels.com about 9 years ago
Cell phones in Ireland/Europe

I have an HTC EVO cell phone from Sprint that I use in the United States. I did a lot of research on this topic, and hopefully this condensed tip can save you some time. Don't expect to get voice service in Europe, most phones won't work for this purpose. If you have a smart phone, you can use it like you would a computer in WiFi areas. I used mine along with Skype to contact family back home that gets worried easily, and you can also text through Skype. I also used some apps such as HostelWorld and MapDroyd in WiFi spots. So yes, your apps will work. Some phone companies will allow you to use your phone overseas, but will charge you a ridiculous amount of money. Your best bet if you want a phone to make calls is to buy a prepaid once you land in your destination. Also, one last tip. Stay off Facebook and other such social sites while you are on your adventure. Distance yourself from all that, and just enjoy your time. Worry about posting pics and what not when you get home.