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Orvieto: Picturesque Italy
by Debra of debmeetsworld.tumblr.com about 9 years ago
Orvieto: Picturesque Italy

Halfway between Florence and Rome by train is the small mountain, fort city of Orvieto. Italy has a lot of towns like this but Orvieto's ease of access makes it ideal for a short stop over between major destinations. You have to take the funicular (tram) up the hill to get to the town for about a euro but the views of the countryside from the top are stunning. You can walk from one end of town to the other in maybe 25 minutes but you could easily spend hours wandering throughout the winding streets, most of them pedestrian only, which all end in a different view of the valley below. In the winter the valley looks like it was painted with a cool, grey, crisp feel. It's definitely a town to visit if you want a taste of real Italy. Go around the holidays and the entire town (like the rest of Italy) is covered in lights that make it incredibly romantic.