Vatican City, Italy

What to See

Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum
by Kluft about 9 years ago
Vatican Museum

The vatican museum is a long day of walking and waiting but worth your time. Bring your student ID as this will save some money on the entrance fee. Take your time, but be careful of the picture-taking laws.

What to Avoid

Scams & Petty Theft

"Tour guides" at Vatican City
by Kenzie of about 8 years ago

We got scammed by a "tour guide" out of 20 euros a piece at the Vatican (3 American girls looking like lost puppies were easy to spot), who promised entrance, a tour and cutting the line to the Vatican. After getting a group of 30 people and taking us to a bar far away to pay, they proceeded to literally cut a line of 200 people, through a side opening, place us there behind another 100, and then left us on our own. Turns out it was free to get in on Sundays and we paid for them to put us in line. Always ask for a brochure or some kind of pass to make sure it's not a scam and a Ticket or receipt in case you need to get the authorities and show proof.