Venice (Venezia), Italy

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City Overview

Venice is certainly a romantic destination. Coupled with live music and out of this world architecture, you can enjoy just being there. Venice has a great atmosphere.

Venice is famous for its streets made of water. If you leave without taking a canal boat tour is a gondola you really missed out. Not every day you can cruise through such a city in your very own boat.

Biking around would not be a good option. There are lots of stairs and bridges to pass. Perfect place for taking photos though. As you work around the maze-like pathways you can find some very elegant eateries.

The architecture is extravagant. Even the walkways are extravagant. A place of high detail and specialty like workmanship.

You may see a few vendors selling very interesting masks used in "the carnival of venice". A carnival of design and elegance showcasing Venetian culture.

You can expect a lot of other tourists and tourism stuff near the water front. Search further in city to dive into the culture.


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What to Do

Visit All Main Islands

Visiting Venice by water for less
by Acrossearth about 8 years ago
Visiting Venice by water for less

Venice is a very unique and beautiful city and worth visiting each inch of it.
The most touristic areas in Venice are the Big island and the 3 additions ones: Lido, Murano and Giudeca. The cheapest way to visit the other islands is by water bus called Vaporetti, but one way ticket cost EUR 7. So if you want to visit all 4 islands faster and cheaper , you can get a pass which is good from 12 hrs to 72 hrs or 7 days. For example the one for 12 hr is EUR 18, but for extra EUR 2 you get one for 24 hrs. It can be used unlimited on any Vaporetti route, including the Big island and the other 3 ones mentioned above. You will need to validate the pass before you get on the water bus at the machine located right before you board. Each of those islands are unique and has its own beauty. So it's worth, while in Venice to visit more than Piazza St. Marco and other well known areas.

What to Eat

Local Specialties

Best food in Venice
by Onemorestep about 8 years ago

If your budget is tight in this expensive city, go to one of the many bakeries and ask for an involtino, they are like wraps stuffed full of spicy meat, fresh rocket and melted cheese. They only cost around 2-4 and you will definitely be full after one of these. Head down to one of the quieter canals and eat it while watching the gondolas go by!

General Advice

What To Bring

Venice.. really
by Mums816 about 9 years ago

Venice is a city that I haven't seen the likes of ever before.
I hope you have braught alot of cash its one of the most expancive citys in europe. I paid 15 euro s for pizza and a beer. but there are camp grounds just out side the city where you can still catch a bus into town. If you are short on time you can see almost every thing there is there in a day. but you will have to start early last bus is 10.30 or if you have time hop a water taxi to murono get there before 4pm and watch them blow glass for free. they tell you were to go at the taxi station
or head to lido there really isn't much to this island other then enjoy then beach once again get there early to find a place to lay.