Skopje, Macedonia

What to See

Things To See

Art Bridge
by Alexandra about 6 years ago

Skopje's take on Prague's Charles Bridge is the statue laden Art Bridge. Just down the river from the Stone Bridge, it's lined with an abundance of statues depicting Macedonian artists, writers, composers and rulers. Whether you are wandering across the bridge itself or admiring it from one of the river-side cafe's, the Art Bridge epitomizes the new monuments that whilst beautiful in its own right, it will be spectacularly historic in another hundred years.

Skopje Fortress
by Alexandra about 6 years ago

Little is left of the Fortress except the outer walls. However, reconstruction is ongoing and in spring the central area is covered in wild flowers. You can walk around most of the walls, including the towers, and get a good view out over Skopje. While largely incomplete, the towers flying Macedonian flags and the free entry make it a great spot for a photo opportunity.

Stone Bridge
by Alexandra about 6 years ago

One of the most historic monuments in Skopje, the Stone Bridge has been restored several times after wars and natural disasters. It looks a little out of place amongst the new statues in the area, but as a true piece of history, it should be seen. It gets lit up at night, which is the most spectacular time to see it.

Millenium Cross
by Alexandra about 6 years ago

The Millennium Cross on top of Mount Vodno offers amazing panoramic views of Skopje and the surrounding countryside. Either hike (~45 mins) or bus to the cable cars, which will take you to the Cross where you can enjoy a hot drink or a beer while enjoying the view. The cable cars run every half hour, i.e. operate for 30 minutes, break for 30 minutes, so you may have a short wait, but there are snack shops and tables nearby. Also make sure to take a jumper, it can get quite cold at the top!