Gdansk, Poland

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Sopot Pier

Northern Poland/The Baltic Sea
by Packardca about 10 years ago
Northern Poland/The Baltic Sea

If you talk about Northern Poland you much be talking about Gdansk. This is such a beautiful city! In this city there is the longest pier in all of Europe. It costs 4 zloty (that is about 1.25 USD) to get on, and lets just say it is way worth it! You will love it. Also while you are there take a boat ride. There are three different boat rides you can choose from, and they range from different speeds. The slow one does not cost that much. The moderately fast one cost about 20 zloty more. The speed boat/really fast one cost about 50 zloty more than the slow one. Have fun, and don't forget to visit old town! I love the baroque style of buildings there.