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Government Subsidized Drinks - Uppsala Nations
by Andrealuft about 9 years ago
Government Subsidized Drinks - Uppsala Nations

This is a very interesting town. A college town and a perfect stop if you are looking for a PARTY.

The local students all work and party at what are called the Nations. There are 7 nations representing the regions of Sweden.

The Nations’ alternate nights that they are open so virtually all the students are in the same place at the same time. And! perhaps the best part of the Nations’ is, in true Swedish form, that the liquor is government subsidized.

But! you will need to get a guest ID! So go to Ovre Slottsgatan 7, before 7 pm Mon to Fri or between 1-3 pm Saturday and show a valid student id. They charge 200 SEK ($30), but if you stay a few days it will easily pay for itself.