Facts about Turkey

  • Currency:
  • Turkish Lira
  • Language:
  • Turkish, Kurdish, Dimli, Azeri, Kabardian
  • Electricity:
  • 220 V
  • Calling Code:
  • +90
  • Capital City:
  • Ankara
  • Famous For:
  • N/A

Stuff to See and Do


General Advice


by Tantan about 8 years ago

When travelling in turkey during summer, it is wise to carry a set of decently covered clothes because although cities like Istanbul or Antalya have developed an understanding of western clothing style, locals in smaller cities with historical sites are less tolerant toward foreigners wearing open clothes, that will reduce the chance of being harassed and will increase the hospitality of locals toward you

Internet Access

Wifi in turkey
by Tantan about 8 years ago

Wifi is a bit tricky out there, there are places such as Starbucks providing you with a free wifi but in order to use it you would have to own a phone number, either Turkish mob or international number. You have to go on your browser and enter your number, then u will receive a code which you could use as ur entry code.
It's good to know that even in Ataturk international airport in Istanbul there aren't any free wifi available last i was there in 2013, so get that code and sit near the Starbucks on your left grand level main entrance