Bursa, Turkey

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Change Money at the Jewellery Shops
by Giulio90 about 8 years ago
Change Money at the Jewellery Shops

1) Changing money at the bank into Turkish liras is not the best choice. Go to the main bazaar and change the money in the jewellery shops, which often have a better exchange rate than banks
2) Istanbul is an amazing city and after 3 times I've visit my Turkish friend that lives there the Bosporus still take my breath away, but try to go more in the inside and experience some real Turkish life for example in Bursa (try the bursa kebab! it will blow your mind)
3) People are very traditional in many ways but at the same time you're visiting one of the most polite and interesting country in the world. Follow the advices you received from the Turkish, most of them will try to help you and you will experience a different country than a normal tourist! 5) try to go to a turkish and experience the two difference massages you can get inside.