Lviv, Ukraine

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Stargorod Brewery

Stargorod Brewery In Lviv a Gym for Beer Lovers
by Capshockey89 about 8 years ago

Lviv is an amazing city to visit for lovers of history, as well as beer. The Stargorod Brewery/Restaurant should not be missed by the latter. The Brewmasters of the Brewery brew the beer in the tradition of an ancient brewing process dating back to the 15th century, most of whom are graduates of the Prague Brewing Institute. The Brewery prides themselves on not pasteurizing, filtering, or adding preservatives to their beer. The beer on tap is extremely fresh and tasty, and three types are offered a Desitka which is basically a light Czech beer, a lager, and a black lager. The prices are fairly cheap and wonít put a dent in your wallet, the food is also well priced and delicious. And they even have English menus! So if you ever find yourself in Lviv donít hesitate to check out the Stargorod Brewery for some of the freshest beer you will ever have.