Glasgow, United Kingdom

Where to Stay

City Center River Clyde

Euro Hostel
by Debra of about 8 years ago

Excellent, cheap place to stay. The rooms are really quiet but the bar downstairs was always a lot of fun. The bartenders were nice, the pints were cheap and the free wi-fi always worked. Free breakfast was really only toast, but the dining area was a full sized cafeteria with vending machines and a common area all a few floors up from the bar, a more quiet place to hang out. Really close to the train station and right off the shopping district. This hostel does a really great job of catering to all types, from partiers to those who like to sleep early.

What to Eat


by Debra of about 8 years ago

Wetherspoon's has the perfect full English breakfast for something like 5. There was so much food we would order around 10am then be full until dinner. They serve food all day though we only ever went for breakfast. I could quite possibly be recommending the Scottish/English version of Denny's, but the food was seriously quality, especially for the price.