London, United Kingdom

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Nice Village Walk
by Lostthought about 8 years ago

If you fancy walking around then over to Hampstead which is in North London. It's a beautiful village like part of the city with amazing little hidden roads and shops, as well as some lovely restaurants. The Crepe stand on the high street, outside he King William (gay) pub is the best in the city, so don't miss it.

What to Do


A trip in London
by Mburton1982 about 8 years ago

I have written a full article in the main section but this is a must do in London
Tea at Harrods – Expensive
This is the most expensive trip and needs to be booked in advance. However there are occasionally special offers which make it much more affordable. Definitely a great place to bring a loved one to. Set in the Iconic Harrods store on the third floor. Tea consists of all you can eat sandwiches, cakes and scones of the most amazing quality. DANGER, I found that its very easy to over eat!! Generally it is never a good idea to sandwiches after rich chocolate cake!! If you want to do something unforgettable then this is definitely advisable.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet check out my articles for the full.

What to Eat

Worth The Splurge

French Food in London
by Lostthought about 8 years ago

If you're tired of the London food, head over to Entrecote. It's a French restaurant that was started in Paris (I've actually gone to this one as well) but has chains in many capital cities. You have to queue to get in and there is no menu. Just steak and chips and the secret sauce. Oh the sauce! And then they bring you seconds.

Festivals & Events

Eid Al Fitr

Eid Celebrations in London's Arabic Neighborhood
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 8 years ago

All we wanted was a hookah. What we found was London's Arabic neighborhood coming alive for Eid. Food trays and hookahs passed through several hands into and out of outdoor cafes as well-dressed Arabs moved about celebrating the end of Ramadan. It was a sight, and we felt privileged to be part of the celebrations. If you're in London during Eid, take the metro to Baker Street and look for the crowds.

Where to Shop

Clothing & Accessories

Sunday Market
by Lostthought about 8 years ago

If you had a long Saturday night, or are still awake from Saturday night, head over to the sunday up market, also Brick lane, and spitafields market (both on sunday) to get over the hangover with a choice of at least a dozen different world cuisines and tons of cool stands and shops selling everything from stuffed squirrels to hand made dresses.

Getting Around


Save on travel cards
by Anna of about 9 years ago

One Day travel cards are what you buy during off peak travel (at the weekends or after 9.30 am)
When you buy a one day travel card at any UK train station when heading into London, do it as a group as there is an automatic discount applied by the train companies when bought in 4s which mean that, basically, 2 people go free

by Kluft about 10 years ago

Eurostar is a high speed passenger trains that goes under the English Channel and connects London to Paris or Brussels.
Word of advice, book your ticket early as prices range from 145$ to 245$ (economy)(up to 442 in Premier). If you have a Eurail pass you can get a discount on these fares (will still cost something). However, the key is to get your ticket early as the Eurostar company limits the number of tickets available at a discounted Eurail pass rate.
This is a fast and convienent way to travel out of England, however if stuck with one of the pricier tickets it may be cheaper to use one of the cheaper budget airlines like Ryan Air, Brussels Air or one of many others out of London.

Suggested Itineraries

1 To 3 Days

A not so typical day in London
by Sofie of about 8 years ago
A not so typical day in London

In September my dad and I went to London for the fourth time in a row. Because we'd already seen most of the typical touristic sites, we wanted to do something else this time. So we planned a day to Canary Wharf and Greenwich. Great idea, it turned out to be:) We took the subway from Paddington station to Canary Wharf and walked around there for more than an hour. If you google 'Canary Wharf' you can find a map for the place, but there are also several maps there on the street with the handy 'You are here' circle. From Canary Wharf we took the DLR to Cutty Sark station and walked around Greenwich, also using a map we found through a google search. Definit to do's there are: - the Old Naval College - Greenwich Market - a walk through the park upto the observatory to get a great view on London After visiting Greenwich we took the river bus back to the Tower, which was also very nice to do. We made it back to our hotel just in time to change, get dinner and go see a musical!