Eilat, Israel

Where to Stay

Make It Worth Your Money

Villa or dorm? But what if it costs the same?
by Coco of blueskitchen.nl about 8 years ago

When you go to eilat you can search on THE internet for Cheap accomidation. THE cheapest you Will find is 60₪ a night in hostel caroline. Bur you can get way more for your money especially in low season.
What you do is:
You buy THE local newspaper called erew erew you can find it even in THE smallest supermarkey and it cost about 10₪. Then you ask THE worker to draw a line underneath every Appartmamt or room for rent for short periods/ or long.. Simply start phoning!! We got a beautiful Appartmamt NeXT to a swimming pool, kitchen and balcony 7 min walking distence from THE beach for 60₪ a person!! In stead of a dorm room almost 30 min from THE beach for That little affort!