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Make friends with locals in Amman
by Cornelius of instagram/onelonell about 7 years ago

Jordanian people are extremely friendly and are very interested in foreigners visiting their country. Younger people tend to walk the streets of Amman in small groups and are likely to ask you all sorts of questions when encountering them on the street. This is a good way to make friends as some will offer you a free diner or a place to stay. They will also tell you great stories about their perception of the region. Just be careful not to insult King Abdullah II and certainly not his father, as he is immensely beloved. This works better if you are male. You will be surprised to see how open and curious these people are. They might even offer additional places to stay with members of their families in other parts of the country. Don't be afraid to talk, learn a few phrases of Arab and you will be greatly rewarded.