Ramallah, Palestinian Territories

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1 To 3 Days

Half day in Ramallah
by Stepha8 about 8 years ago
Half day in Ramallah

It is a very friendly place, dont be afraid of going. Its great to visit on the days that everything in Jeru is kind of shut down. That means shabat, high holidays, etc.
Yo need to go to the Damascus Gate, then cross the street and keep right, you will find the Bus Station. Take the bus 18 (it seems that the number 18 introduces you to the best places). It will cost you 7.30 nis, and it will take you exactly where everything happens, the center of Ramallah.
You will notice that everything is very cheap, that people are really glad to have tourists there. You can bargain about the prices, but i think you wont need to.
Dont forget to bring your passport, you will need it on your way out, again you need to pay half the bus before the checkpoint, and after the chekpoint. Dont worry, the checkpoint is not really hard on tourists, but it might take a while to be on the other side.