Mexico City, Mexico

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1 To 3 Days

South D.F.
by Stepha8 about 9 years ago
South D.F.

First of all, as a mexican living in Mexico City, i would tell you, the best thing to do is to take the TURIBUS, why? its a crowed city and taking a taxi everywhere will cost you a fortune and sometimes its not safe. The metro doesnt go everywhere, the buses sometimes are not easy to take, etc., so take the "south" Turibus, it will take you to a very nice side of the city thats more local than for tourism, its quiet, and best of all with very good prices.
It will take you to San Angel, is one of my favs, lot of artists, you should take the bus on saturday to really enjoy it; you should eat in Centro de Tlalpan, is really pretty, with a lot of security, and excellent food. You can choose from mexican to international. Since you will also be visiting Coyoacan, try to stay for the afternoon and have some drinks, but first visit the traditional market, full of fruits, flowers, and street mexican food. They are similar between each other, you'll feel like going in a time machine to colony.

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What to do in Mexico City
by Spudlou about 9 years ago
What to do in Mexico City

I think you would need around 3-4 nights in Mexico City. It was my favourite capital in Central America by far. The hostels are located right in the old centre, so you don't have to venture far and therefore shouldn't intimidated by how huge the city is as a whole. Just wandering around the historical area and the Zocalo (the main square) is lovely, I think it's worth paying the dollar or so to go up on the roof of the cathedral. The road just to the right facing this cathedral is beautifully lined with colonial buildings and very centred around the locals, rather than tourists. This is a great place to soak up the hectic environment and try some tasty and cheap street food. Just watch your handbag and pockets. Other activities include the amazing pyramids ruins, Freida Khalo museums, colourful canal boats and wrestling matches. You can book tours of most of these through your hostel. Although the pyramids can be seen much more cheaply if you just take public transport.