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Oahu's North Shore Shrimp
by Hacked By of youtube.com/fırlamaadam about 10 years ago
Oahu's North Shore Shrimp

Giovanni's shrimp plates are out of control. I tried to tell myself they weren't that good after driving 30 minutes out of the way to find a shrimp truck. But, actually, they really are that good and totally worth the drive! My favorite of the three plates--shrimp scampi, hot and spicy, and lemon/butter--is the shrimp scampi, which is plenty garlicy. Plates are $13, but you can get a half plate (6 shrimps) for $6.50. Their website at http://www.giovannisshrimptruck.com/ says there are only two locations, both on Oahu, but we did dine at a Giovanni's in Pahoa, Big Island. If you are at all tempted by the hot dog, don't be.