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Awesome Ice Cream in Orange County, NC!
by Tobi about 7 years ago
Awesome Ice Cream in Orange County, NC!

In rural North Carolina, somewhere south of Hillsborough and west of Carrboro (Chapel Hill's equally Bohemian twin), there's one of my favorite places: Maple View Dairy Farm.

Rolling hills, happy cows on green pastures, yummy ice cream. It's a great place to just hang out on the front porch in a rocking chair and enjoy the beautiful countryside. Or watch the sun set over yonder, somewhere near Saxapahaw. And, of course, they offer the usual assortment of home-made dairy products as well. I had a pint of whole milk to give me strength on the bike ride before heading back to Durham last weekend.

A propos ride: though most come here by car, Maple View is immensely popular with the cycling crowd, and it is the half-way point of the annual Cup'n'Cone tour, which first led me there in '07. Hint: they have a fountain with cold drinking water on the left side of the store...