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Manistee River Loop, North Country Trail, Michigan
by Alisunshine about 7 years ago
Manistee River Loop, North Country Trail, Michigan

If you plan to do the loop it is a good 2 to 3 day hike(only 23 mile loop). I suggest doing it in three days to be able to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, and relax. If you love getting miles in though two days is the way to go. There are some great elevation gains and some real awesome beautiful scenery. If you go during a holiday weekend expect there to be a lot of people in passing. It is a whole different experience on memorial weekend, it has the feel of a really awesome social event almost! If you do happen to be on the trail during a busy time, I would suggest looking for a camping site along the trail around 4pm. This also gives you a good amount of time to set up camp, build a fire, cook food, socialize, and just relax in the views.