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San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo - What to Bring
by Hilda of about 9 years ago
San Francisco Zoo - What to Bring

If you are planning a trip to the San Francisco Zoo don't bother with the Expensive zoo parking. There is almost always street parking for free. Bring an umbrella, just in case & a warm sweater of jacket. The zoo is right next the beach so it tends to get chilly. Also, pack lunch & water. Food is expensive & not very good at the zoo. Kids LOVE the petting/children's zoo!!!

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Parking in San Francisco
by Thejackofhearts about 6 years ago

Basically, there isn't much free, unlimited parking in SF. Good news is, you can avoid paying the $4/hr parking meters by walking a few extra blocks. If you imagine a target over the downtown SF area, more or less, the bullseye is filled with $4 meters, the next ring out is$1.50/hr meters, the next ring, 2 hr parking, the next ring, free (but not unlimited, due to street sweeping), and the outer ring is normal, free, unlimited parking (but now you're talking not walking distance from most things you'd want to see). Another thing to watch out for: not all curbs are available! White = passenger loading/unloading, yellow = commercial vehicles only, green = temporary parking, red = no parking, and blue = handicap only. If you pick a meter, aviod any colors, only park at uncolored/gray meters. Good luck!

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by Thejackofhearts about 6 years ago

Busking in San Francisco can be quite the successful venture. The important thing to remember is that the city of San Francisco is completely open to street performance. The worst that can happen is you find yourself on unwelcoming private property and someone asks you to leave. Try going down into Powell Station for a steady stream of locals that will respond well to good talent. Or try Union Square by day, The Castro by night. Just be careful around Fisherman's Wharf, it's private and they're strict about buskers (you need a permit, they schedule you, that sort of thing. Other than that, get out there and put some smiles on those faces!