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Known for its dreary weather, and brisk winter chills, this quaint little city is a hidden gem, truly a forgotten treasure among it's Pacific Coast Rivals. Despite the gloomy temperament, Seattle is a bustling city full made for the modern renaissance man or woman. Public art, private art, and artists selling or creating wherever there is a source of inspiration, this charming provincial town infuses a luster of times gone by with a modern take on culture and diversity. Although limited, the public transportation includes an underground light rail (Sea Track) but a reliable bus system. While in Seattle make sure to visit the first Starbucks, located 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA, (206) 448-8762, and of course the artsy and fresh food Frenzy iconic of the Pike's Place Market. With a walk around the Majestic Space Needle, Seattle will leave you breathless with its cozy charm and scenic views of the Pacific.


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What to See

Pike Place Market

Layover in Seattle
by Kluft about 9 years ago
Layover in Seattle

If you have 5 or more hours layover in Seattle (major hub for alaskan air or korean air ect. Take this time to get out of the airport and head to Pike Place Market. Take the local bus (about 30 minutes each way). Bottom level of the airport and check with tourist information for the bus number. They leave every 20 minutes. Check out the free food samples, fish throwing, and original starbucks.

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum (SAM) affects your humanity with art
by Loveisforeveryone about 9 years ago
Seattle Art Museum (SAM) affects your humanity with art

While deciding whether to visit the Seattle Art Museum, keep in mind that they have an entrance policy that they may not necessarily publish. I was especially kind to the employee selling tickets and was gifted a free ticket to visit the museum for the day. If you're short on cash, or just wanna practice your skills, you could swing yourself a ticket and still feel good about it!

What to Eat

Worth The Splurge

A taste of the tropics in sleepless Seattle
by Zorin14 about 8 years ago
A taste of the tropics in sleepless Seattle

When in Seattle one place not to miss is the quaint mom and pop eatery, Kona Kitchen. Owned and operated by film actor Yuji Okumoto, Kona Kitchen offers a unique Hawaiian flavor that has become a local favorite. Located just North of Seattle Pacific University, in the Maple Leaf district, Kona Kitchen offers a wide variety of comfort classics and a few bold creations of their own. When in Seattle, say Aloha! 8501 5th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 517-5662

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1 To 3 Days

City Sights, and Public Reads
by Zorin14 about 8 years ago
City Sights, and Public Reads

Whether your passing through, or staying for the weekend, one place not to miss is Seattle's Public Library. An architectural masterpiece, housed in the center of downtown, this 11 story public structure offers breathe taking views, and one of the largest public computer labs of any library I've had the pleasure of seeing. From writers rooms, music study halls, and grand amphitheater, this place feels alot like home, the free wifi ain't too bad either.

1000 4th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 264-1120‎