Exmouth, Australia

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Whale shark watching
by Cornelius of instagram/onelonell about 7 years ago
Whale shark watching

Every year between April and the end of July, whale sharks (the world's largest fish) gather at the Ningaloo reef near Exmouth and Coral Bay to feed on spawning coral. This provides an excellent opportunity to go and swim with them. Only a few tour operators are allowed to take you to one, in order to make sure that the animals are caused no harm. Prices are expensive (320-400 AUD), but for that you get a full day on a boat, three meals, snorkelling gear, two snorkelling trips and more than sufficient time with the shark. On a good day, you might spot humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins and even manta rays on the way. Spotter planes are used to track down a shark after which the boat takes you to it. You get dropped in the water right in front of where the shark will be swimming and afterwards you can try to keep up with it while staring at this wonder of nature. Definitely worth the money.