Cochabamba, Bolivia

Festivals & Events

La Virgen De Urkupina (August)

Cochabamba around mid agust
by Timidoizquierdo about 9 years ago

It doesn't appear in Lonely Planet's South America on a shoestring, but if you get to Cochabamba from the 14th to de 17th you'll find it hard and more expensive to get accomodation as it's the festivity of La Virgen de la Urkupina in Quiracollo (15 min. on a bus from CBB). The festivity includes 2 days of folkloric dancing parade and some religious events.

Getting Around


ToroToro National Park
by Asurah about 10 years ago

If you considered visiting the ToroToro National Park in the Potosi department of Bolivia, it is advisable to do so on a Friday and not on any of the weekdays. This is mainly because the only means of transportation to ToroToro is a collectivo bus that leaves from Cochabamba on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, and returns from ToroToro to Cochabamba on Monday and Wednesday.
So, if you want to enjoy and experience all the attractions of the park, and still not spend too much time doing nothing in a small Bolivian town of 500 people, it is best to travel on a Friday and plan your return for Monday. Any other option is either stretching your stay too much, or not leaving enough time for the park.