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Titicaca Tours = Utter Crap
by Shannonkokko about 8 years ago

My husband and I have been travelling since November (Mexico-worked our way down) and this has been the worst tour/day we have had so far. When we got into Copacobana, Bolivia, we went to Titicaca Tours to book the boat to Isla del Sol. So, first off, it's not a tour, just the transportation. We left late, it took 2hrs to get to Isla de la Luna and it was pouring rain so no good pics, then it took 1.5hrs to get to Isla del Sol. Still pouring rain, then when we left, the driver let randoms on so they sat on the roof and we went slower on the way back!! The chairs are crappy and old so you spend half the day on a crappy boat (with broken windows letting in freezing air) going at an old man walking pace!!! You also have to pay to enter both islands and use all toilets. So, only visit the islands if it's sunny and check the boat beforehand. I still have a sore butt from the seat!!

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The real Copacabana
by Tobi about 9 years ago
The real Copacabana

A sleepy little town that's the namesake of the beach in Rio. Located on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca, it can be reached easily by bus from Puno, Peru or La Paz, Bolivia. Dominating the town is the Basicilica, built by Spaniards, largely in Moorish style, a building that at the same type looks completely out-of-place and fits right in. Rides on the lake to the Islands of the sun or moon are also not to be missed. Popular with backpackers, Copacabana makes for a relaxing and interesting stop if traveling from Peru to Bolivia (or even Chile).