La Paz, Bolivia

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Where to Stay

What to Do


The Worlds Most Dangerous Road
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago
The Worlds Most Dangerous Road

The Worlds Most Dangerous Road ( is a must-do if you are visiting La Paz. While the name is scary, if you can ride a bike, you can ride the road.
Beutiful scenery as you ride past a 600m cliff, descending from 4700m at La Cumbre, down to 1350m in the Yungas Valley, this is seriously one of the best experiences you can have in the area.
There are a few companies that offer the ride, at vastly different prices, but really, you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to risk on a road this dangerous.
By far the best company in town is Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking ( New bikes, English Guides, First Aid training

Learning Spanish

Best place for learning Spanish and staying with a Family in La Paz
by Alkapone about 7 years ago
Best place for learning Spanish and staying with a Family in La Paz

If you're considering learning Spanish in La Paz, you should definitely consider learning Spanish with ABC Spanish Tuition and William Ortiz. William’s knowledge and skill are only matched by his great patience with beginners. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student one could not wish for a more friendly and positive learning environment. My home stay in La Paz was also wonderful. The family I stayed with was very friendly, helpful, and generous with their home. Nearly every morning at breakfast my host would engage me with conversation in Spanish. This was great practice and it got my mind working for my sessions with William. Learning Spanish in the context of La Paz is inspiring; La Paz is a beautiful highland city with a rich history. There are some great sights to see in La Paz and the people are fantastic, very friendly. Again, I highly recommend ABC Spanish Tuition, great experience, great school, and great city!

Learning Spanish in La Paz
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

There are many institutes in La Paz that teach Spanish, however there are two that I can personally recomend.
1) Speak Easy Institute: Offering an intensive 15 hour survival course, this is a lower-cost, straight-to-the-point option that will teach you some usefull Castellano.
2) Pico Verde: The best of the Best in La Paz. Pico Verde offers everything from Homestay (With real Bolivian Families!), to Apartment rentals (good, english-speaking landlords/ladies), to a sliding scale of prices for Private tutoring (more hours a week=less Bs (bolivianos) per hour!). If you want a knowledgeable tutor, with lots of material, and an understanding of HOW to learn a a language, chose Pico Verde!

What to Eat


Restaurants in La Paz, Pt. 4
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

1) Maphrao On: Delicious dishes from thailand, India, and all of Asia. Delicious aromas waft from this unique restaurant, set with authentic artwork and a relaxed atmosphere.
2) La Guinguette: A combination of classical French cooking, and modern decoration. One of the newest Restaurants in La Paz, offers delicious food, and a bit of a cult following!
3) Swiss Fondue: Lauded as the worlds highest swiss fondue, it has a relaxed atmosphere with pictures of switzerland to make any and all chocolate conosurs feel right at home.
4) Arabica: The best coffe in La Paz. WiFi, newspapers & Magazines, and even a rotating art exhibition. This is the place to relax with a kaipirinha or a good coffee.

Restaurants in La Paz, Pt. 3
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

1) Marrakech: Traditional Moroccan food, combined with delicious aromas make this a relaxing place to grab a unique meal.
2) Asosan: Truelly Authentic Japanese cuisines. Everything from quality sushi platters, to teishokus, as well as teriyaki,and delicious curry.
3) Namas Te: Delicious and wholesome Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. Coupled with a lively atmosphere, and unique art (as well as WiFi), making this one of the most relaxed places to enjoy La Paz.
4) Kansas City BBQ: Famous for their real pit BBQ, and slow smoked tender ribs (get there early, or there wont be any), they also feature juicy 1/3 lb gourmet burgers, delicious pizzas, and original sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.

Restaurants in La Paz, Pt. 2
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

More amazing restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia!
1) Tierra Sana: A newly opened vegetarian restaurant offering both Lunch, and dinner! Dig in!
2) Star of India: Boasted as the highest curry house in the world, this is the place to get your curry! They even have ¨The worlds hottest Vindaloo¨ that comes with a free t-shirt (if you finish it!).
3) El Lobo (The Wolf): Everything from traditional Bolivian food, to a variety of international dishes, also known for its delicious (and real) coffee!
4) Pizzeria Italia: Hands down the best pizza in La Paz. With multiple locations, and everything from llama meat, to fish, to traditional pizzas. Also serves coffee and a large selection of Beer and Wine!

Eating in La Paz
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

There are many great restaurants in La Paz, from traditional Bolivian food, to Indian, English, American, and Asian cuisines.
1) The Steak House: If you are looking to sink your teeth into someof the best Steak this side of Argentina (and they even have real Argentinian Steak as well), the Steak House is the place to eat. A relaxed, western atmosphere, and great service (something somewhat lacking in Bolivia), if you are in La Paz, you need to eat here!
2) La Cueva: Delicious Mexican food to take you to the next level!
3) Sol y Luna: Dutch and international food is served here in a cozy enviroment. Live music and a pool table make this an excellent chill-spot.
4) Olivers Travels: Half Bar, Half restaurant, a very unique place to grab a bite and a beer!

Street Food

La Paz: where to eat
by Rafta about 7 years ago

f you want a decent meal for 80 bolivianos (this is less than 1 euro!!) , go to the Plaza San Francisco and the market district... from noon to +/-17.30 you get a soup or salad, meal and tea for less then 1 Euro... if you don't trust your stomach, ask a vegetarian option. mostly rice and beans or menestra (chickpeas or lentils), simple and non sofisticated but fair and healty food. And it's a market, so it's fresh, always! afterwards, get some vitamines and order a fruitjuice in one of the other shops in or around the same market. Be sure to eat before six, market closes at that time. If you go just before closing time, they'll want to get rid of their leftovers and will be happy to give you an extra plate for the same price!!

Where to Party

Dancing / Discos / Clubs

Bars and Clubs in La Paz, Pt. 2
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

1) Reineke Fuchs: Crazy name, and one of the oldest bars in La Paz. Offering a huge selection of liquors, and a variety of international beers, this German-Themed Pub is one of the best places to experience the nightlife of La Paz.
2) Irish Pub: A traditional Irish Pub with multiple floors, and meals all-night. Get your Guinness here!
3) Under Construction: A Brand new club in La Paz, offers live music, salsa nights, and famous DJ´s. Delicious cocktails make this a must-see for the nightlife lover.
4) Forum: Dress-up and hope you get in. This somewhat-exclusive club is open Friday & Saturday nights (and for special events). Getting in here is bragging rights.

Bars and Clubs in La Paz
by Rockthehut about 10 years ago

La Paz has an amazing variety of bars and clubs, take your pick!
1) Mongos: Long-standing club that is very popular with travellers and tourists. They also serve great steak!
2) Hard Rock Cafe: Open all week long, and packed to the brim on weekends, this is a happening place to party and get your dance on!
3) Ttkos: Located underground in a trippy cave-style atmosphere, Ttkos has specialty nights every night of the week (except Monday!). Reggae Tuesdays (Awesome! Live bands!), Other reality Wednesdays, World Party Thursdays, Big Party Fridays, and saturdays! They also serve a special drink that comes in a bowl. Secret ingredients abound.
4) Blue House Club: Variety of music, crazy atmosphere, and a dress code! If you are in La Paz, and want to party, you have to check out the Blue House!

What to Avoid

Scams & Petty Theft

Take care of Taxi's drivers in La paz
by Davidbarda about 9 years ago

There are alot of taxi drivers that giving fake bills that are rolled inside of the real one...
it means that if you give 50 and you need to pay 20 you get bill of 10(real)that cover a bill of 20(fake).you can reconize the fake bill because its from plastic and its wrote on in Banco the Fortuna instead of Banco the Bolivia.