Belem, Brazil

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What to See

Ver-o-Peso Fish Market

Amazon River Monsters For Sale
by Mattfromtexas about 10 years ago
Amazon River Monsters For Sale

It's amazing to see dozens of species of fish you've never seen or heard of being unloaded in crates and brought to market at the mouth of the Amazon River. Get there early in the morning to see the fishing boats arriving and unloading their catch. It was awesome wandering around taking photos of some of the strangest fish species I've ever seen.

What to Eat

Local Specialties

Ver-o-Peso Market
by Barbara of about 8 years ago
Ver-o-Peso Market

The cuisiness of Belem is delicious and exotic! I've tried a lot of different places, since I grew up there and this tip is for backpackers who love eating and trying new things!

Ver-o-peso Market is where you can buy lots of different fruits from the region for a good price. Try to bargain to get discounts ("take 3, pay 2", this sort of thing). Also, there are some balcons where you can try Acai with fish (Amazonian fishers love this, very typical), or try Acai with tapioca and sugar (I'd rather eat this one, but with fish it's an awesome experience too!). There are some good deserts too. Look up for "Bombom de cupuacu" or Cupuacu chocolate, it's delicious!

Please don't expect any luxury or attendants who speak english. Tjis place is very rustic, but that's where people from the region actually eat and appreciate regional food. Also, take care of your belongings, because this place is not very safe. Only take with you some money, id, and maybe a camera.