Ilhabela, Brazil

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Ilhabela - Trilha (Restaurante Nova Jork to Bonete)
by Jimwallace about 9 years ago
Ilhabela - Trilha (Restaurante Nova Jork to Bonete)

about 13 km-trail is a impressive "trilha" for everybody who is willing accept slippery conditions, rivercrossings and intense Ascendencies.With 16kg-Backpack it took us ca. 6 hs to make it (with breaks) We started around 13 o'clock - too late - the darkness in forest starts at least 30 mins before sunset! snake-area: >3 highly toxic kinds of snakes on ilhabela which lead to death after 3-5 hs (i.e. jaraca).dont forget "Repellente" ("Off" or better: "Exposis Extreme")-the famous Borrachudo is annoying!Top surfspot/camping is 15 Rs/night!offseason its very empty and calm!No internet-cafe,but internet is available,just ask someone around.Bonete has about 400 inhabitants / no real supermarket.