Macapa, Brazil

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What to See

Fortaleza De Sao Jose

Weekday visit to fuel the imagination
by Mattfromtexas about 10 years ago
Weekday visit to fuel the imagination

Sao Jose Fort is one of those places you visit where you are likely to be alone and you can't help but wonder how much fun it would have been to be here at 9 years old with a sword. The fort is more than 200 years old and is Brazil's largest fort. There is no cost to get in and there are nice views of the Amazon from the outer walls.

Getting Around


Ride from Oiapoque to Macapa - Toyota Hilux, 120 reais per person
by Hacked By ofırlamaadam about 10 years ago

When you arrive in Oiapoque from French Guiana, ask around for someone who can take you to Macapa by car. A Toyota Hilux, usually the 4WD of choice, fits four passengers, one in the front and three in the back. Do NOT take the middle seat as there is no head rest or leg room. The road is partly paved but, for most of the route, it is a dirt road plagued with potholes. The trip takes about 10 hours. We did stop for food part of the way but did not stay very long. If you take the bus option, I believe the cost is about half but will take twice as long. Even in a 4WD, the ride from Oiapoque to Macapa was without a doubt the worst night we spent on the road in South America.