Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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What to See

Cristo Redentor

Visiting Christ the Redeemer
by Katerich about 9 years ago
Visiting Christ the Redeemer

In Rio there was a lot of discussion as to the most cost efficient way to visit Christ the Redeemer. I'd recommend a public bus that drops you near enough at the entrance (ask hostel for bus number). It is possible to walk up (2 and a half hours), get the train or bus. A return bus journey was only 20 reales and the services are regular and efficient!

Visiting the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro
by Asurah about 10 years ago

If you´ve been in Rio de Janeiro for a while, or in Brazil in general, you probably know that the weather in this tropical country can be quite confusing. In Rio, it actually rains more in the summer season than during winter.
A visit to Rio de Janeiro could not be considered complete without visiting Cristo Redentor, maybe the most famous tourist attraction in Rio and maybe in Brazil as a whole. When visiting this amazing monument, consider very carefully the weather conditions in the city and around. A very cloudy day would ruin your experience, while a good clear day will make it an unforgettable one.
You really don´t want to pay those high entrance fees and see a big cloud...

Jardim Botanico Waterfall

Hidden Gems in Rio de Janiero
by Katerich about 9 years ago

Everybody knows about Copacobana and Ipanema beaches, Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer, but Rio's better kept secret is the beautiful waterfall within Jardim Botanica - spectacular!

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1 To 2 Weeks

The best thing about Rio de Janeiro
The best thing about Rio de Janeiro

1. You should definitely stay in a Backpackers hostel near the beach, the vibe and landscape of the beach is just awesome: either you are in for the sports or the drinks or just the sun tan but it's awesome!
2. If you shall party try going to places where they will play the local music and if live band possible, do it! Really good party is better if you are one local dude for one night.
3. About the food: everything related to meat is awesome! Specially picanha and felhoada.
4. Go to the beach bars or clubs at night and have some drinks while looking at the ocean... the view is just awesome and makes you feel in heaven!
5. If there is an important soccer match while you are there: GO! Brazilians live soccer as no other country in the planet does, you will enjoy it since you go up in the subway until you leave the stadium, it's just one of the best feelings ever if you blend in with the local fans!
6. Overall Rio is awesome, is a must destination if you are in LA!