Puerto Natales, Chile

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Gateway to Torres del Paine
by Tobi about 8 years ago
Gateway to Torres del Paine

Without doing Puerto Natales injustice, most travelers just use it as their base for Torres del Paine (TdP) or the Puerto Montt ferry. There's no need to spend much time here, as there are no big sights. Lonely Planet gives a good reference, and here are a few more things I've learned:

There's a Unimarc supermercado 3 blocks east of the plaza on Bulnes. Unless you do the grand circuit of TdP, chances are Unimarc has all or most food you would want.

Regular buses (Punta Arenas) leave on the minute. Tourist buses (TdP) may leave on the minute or an hour later.

Bus companies have email, but will probably just ignore you. In low season, you can get tickets on the same day. In high season, buy them a few days in advance. Staying at a hostel with travel agency helps. Tickets can also be bought in towns like Punta Arenas or Ushuaia.

The bus to TdP takes 2.5 hours one way, so doing multiple day trips makes no sense, just stay in TdP. Remember, there's not much to do in Puerto Natales.