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Everything Magellan
by Tobi about 8 years ago
Everything Magellan

Punta Arenas wouldn't be the same without Magellan: he was the first European to sail by, the city has plenty of statues in his honor, it's in a province named for him, and the sea channel next to it is none other than the Strait of Magellan.

One of the most interesting Magellan experiences is a good ways away from the center though, roughly 4 miles north, right at the sea: a small outdoor museum with replicas his Nao Victoria and some smaller vessels. Being so out-of-the-way, this place doesn't draw big crowds.

It was amazing to see such a small ship, and realize that the original was the first ship ever to circumnavigate the world, in just three short years. All decks and the interior are open for visitors.

I saw a small shuttle van for this place, but couldn't figure out its route or schedule, so I walked there.

They rent mp3 players with probably very informative notes - I wouldn't know. The wind was howling and drowned out the speakers completely.