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Free things and ways to save cash in Valparaiso,Chile
by Fedeortiz about 5 years ago

Being a cheap and traveling expensive countries such as Chile can be a challenge, but with the right preparation and a bit of research you can save a lot of cash!

Go to the oficial website of each city you visit, search for cultural events that are usually free. Music,shows,ect.
Walk From Vina del Mar to Valparaiso on the coast head out at around 8 or 9 a.m and just walk along the coast the highway has side walks, you see the sea, and sealions as you walk it is good excersise, free, and in two hours you walk around 17- 20km on average .(I did it with a HUGE backpack so I was slower and constantly stoping) also it is very safe.

Free camping in Horcon.Valparaiso they have very popular spots. those get checked out often go to the bushy areas also try to go on a weekday. If you are sceptical about just camping out anywhere, ask some locals if they wouldn't mind letting you put the tent in there yards.oh also it is a nudist beach...

Hostels have parties sometimes, and so do bars, where they usually give out prizes like free drinks,a few tickets, or a sad t-shirt, participate! you never know what you will recive.

Most of us know the wonders of Couchsurfing, but they have forums,with many topics check if they have any in your city,Most of them have meetups in many mayor cities such as Santiago, GO! you might find amazing travel buddies, a host to stay with that night or just a nice conversation with some travelers who might give you advice.Also get in touch, with them to split costs of activities you might need guides to do,and ASK LOCALS where you can get better deals, what is expensive, and what can be an alternative.

If you feel like buying some goods such as clothes,food,or just..stuff take the 501 "Belloto" bus to Quilpue, on a wendesday and ask around for "La feria El Belloto" people will point you the right way, there, you can find litterally ANTYTHING for pennies from used or new clothing to food, or just knick knacks,shoes, they even have a small shop with camping gear. some advice is DON'T bring anything on you, keep your money hidden it fills up really quick get there early, and don't hassle on the prices it is litteraly as cheap as you can find opens from 6a.m to 6 p.m
(p.s) I got a volcom jacket for less than a dollar and lot's of american brands for cheap ;)

DO NOT.I repeat DO NOT go to supermarkets. they are expensive and synthetic artificially sweetend food is bad for you..Instead go to the farmers markets! there are a few big ones if you look online. they sell organic and a lot cheaper.

Tours 4 Tips, is a pretty cool tour company they guide you through the highlights of the city, and of course it is free, at the end they do expect some colaborations, Don't be ratty, they get together every day at 10 a.m and at 3 p.m in Plaza last around 3 hours Check out the website!

Oh and if you have some extra time in your hands let's say a few months,ASK in every hostel if they take volunteers,they usualy do in high tourist seasons. all you need to do is ask them nicely and most of them will interview you on skype. Free bed and free breakfast some give you a little bit of cash but not many.Still, it's a good way to save and spend your cash elsewhere!