Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia

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San Vicente Thermales @ Santa Rosa de Cabal
by Travelbcouple of about 9 years ago
San Vicente Thermales @ Santa Rosa de Cabal

We went to the hot springs through Coffee Town Hostel. There were multiple natural and man-made hot springs all with different temperatures. It is DEFINITELY worth the trip to this small town. One of the owners of the hostel drives you to the hot springs and stays with you the whole afternoon/evening, so there is no rush. He also showed us the small trek to the natural springs and some amazing semi-man made springs.

Santa Rosa de Cabal was suppose to be a quick stopover between Medellin and Salento, but the town sucked us in. The hostal (and it seemed like the entire town) felt like a special secret. The town teeters between being cosmopolitan (with bars that can compete with chic bars in SF) and traditional (with horses trotting along the street). Waterfalls, coffee tours, horse riding, and hikes are all outdoor activities in immediate vicinity of the town. Yet we didn't see a single foreigner on the streets. And try their chorizo!!!