Banos, Ecuador

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THE bike ride from Banos to Puyo
by Olivia of about 8 years ago

Your guide book may have a small section on the bike ride from Banos to Puyo, but the ride deserves SO much more than a little entry in a guide book. For those that aren't in tip top shape, don't worry, as the road is mostly downhill, and one of the most beautiful, peaceful rides. The 62km road takes you through an epic valley, passed some dozen falls, and places you in Puyo. Don't worry though, you can stop anywhere and take a bus back to Banos for about $.50- the driver will put your bike on the top of the bus and you're good to go. Cycle 18 km and you reach El Pailon del Diablo (Devilís Cauldron, $1.50 entry), a massive waterfall that you can walk up to (and even take the unmarked path behind the waterfall- you'll need to do most of it on all fours, but man is it great). Bring some money along (about $8) if you want to superman zipline over some falls, I highly recommend it. So what are you waiting for? Get your ass to Banos ASAP. Stay in hostel el Eden in town ($8, private bath).