Riobamba, Ecuador

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El Nariz del Diablo
by Olivia of about 8 years ago

If you're at all on a budget, I recommend skipping over this super touristy attraction. You can no longer ride on the roof, and the "dangerous ride" is not dangerous at all. The "super steep devil's nose" isn't super steep or scary at all. Although you do pass some beautiful scenery, you can see a lot of beauty in Ecuador for a lot cheaper than $25.

Riobamba Express, Devil's Nose, Ecuador
by Ina of about 8 years ago

The "Riobamba Express" in Ecuador doesn't leave from Riobamba anymore, but from Alausi. Also by now the service runs 3 times a day, at 8am, 11 am and I think 2pm. It is also much more expensive than it used to be, with 25US$, including a sandwich and a drink at the Sibambe station and the entrance to a little mueum there. Way overpriced, either way, I mean the trip is impressive, but for a few kilometers of trainride, lasting about 2 hours 30 minutes all together, including half of that time at the Sibambe station, you might wanna consider if you really need to tick this off your agenda. Just saying.

Devils nose
by Kokko about 8 years ago

Well ditch the guide books because the train does not leave from riobamba now. It will again resume once track construction is complete but for now it leaves from the town of alausi. Alausi is a 2 hr bus from riobamba. Buses leave at 8am and bus name is alausi.  Personally I think the train is a bit over rated for $20 usd you take the track down 500m in elevation. Track ride is 12 km and takes bout 20-25 mins. Other than the view of the valley its self the ride is nothing speical in today's time but quite a feat of construction back in the 1800's. They stop at a station where you get a free coffee sandwich. There is a 50 min break before the train goes back up to Alausi. If ya got time, money, and are passing by  it's worth a look just for the views. Train goes 3 times a day 8am, 11am , 3pm every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Book in advance If ya can through a travel agent in Quito.  

Nariz del Diablo train in Riobamba
by Asurah about 9 years ago

So, if you´ve heard about the Devil´s Nose train in Riobamba, Ecuador, I think you might want to know this:
The views from the train are indeed very impressive. But consider this: The train is now basically a tourist attraction only, not a means of transportation. That means there are no locals on the train, only gringos, and there´s an annoying guide that explains (in Spanish and English) about the history of the train and the places during the ride.
Also, since 2009 it is prohibited to sit on the roof of the train, which used to be the most fun part of the ride (if you look at any pictures of the train, you´ll see what I´m talking about).