Tulcan, Ecuador

What to See

Statue Garden

Amazing Garden on Colombian-Ecuadorian Border
by Omershlez about 10 years ago

As you pass the border from Colombia to Ecuador, you arrive in Tulcan, which is the first town after the border. There is nothing much to do there, but there is a cemetery which has an awesome Edward Scissorhands-like garden which is free to get in to. You get there from the Central Station of Tulcan by taking a taxi. It costs 1 dollar each way. You ask to get to the cemetery and it's there!

Border Crossings

Ipiales To Tulcan

Colombia to Ecuador Border Crossing
by Jessica of liferemotely.com about 9 years ago
Colombia to Ecuador Border Crossing

Border name: Rumichaca Closest major cities: Ipiales, Colombia and Tulcan, Ecuador Cost for Visas: $0 Cost for vehicle: $0 Total time: 3 hours Date crossed: Friday August 3, 2012 Best part about this border: It was FREE. Worst part about this border: At three hours, itís the longest crossing yet. Make sure to arrive early and have copies of your passport just in case. many of the people in line were sent to get copies and then simply came back to the front of the line making the line twice as long. Bring water and snacks with you, there is no secure place to leave your backpack so make sure to move it with you as you wait in line.