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Taquile Island

Stay overnight on Taquile Island
by Drdang about 8 years ago
Stay overnight on Taquile Island

Taquile is a gorgeous island with terraced fields and beautiful vistas. I highly recommend staying overnight with a family to get the full experience. The accommodation was clean and basic. I got my own room detached from the main house so my overnight experience actually felt more like staying at a guest house. The meals were filling. It gets very cold at night and there is no heater. I had 3 heavy blankets and felt fine though. One of the kids in our family served as the "Spanish speaking guide" and took us on a 1 hour hike to the other side of the island to watch the sun set (which is way cool at altitude).

I went through All Ways Travel and paid $69 US dollars for the tour, boat transportation, overnight stay and 3 meals with the family. A better alternative though, may be to go through Munay Taquile, a community based travel agency established by the Taquilenos with help from a Danish NGO. You can contact them through their website (http://www.taquile.net).