Tarapoto, Peru

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Cataratas De Ahuashiyacu

Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu
by Rockthehut about 8 years ago

This beautiful waterfall is about 45 minutes drive outside of the city of Tarapoto. It makes for a great half-day trip, and is very refreshing on one of the cookinīhot days with lots of sun.

The easiest way to get here is to inquire with one of the many tour agencies in Tarapoto. It shouldnīt be more than 25 Soles (2012) for transportation there and back, as well as a guide. You also have to pay a 3 Sole entrance fee, but you get to sample some local "medicinal" alcohols, so itīs totally worth it.

The waterfall itself is quite spectacular, being nearly 40m high with a pleasant pool at the base for swimming, as well as a path that wraps around the back of the waterfall to allow for some pretty spectacular photos. Lotīs of the locals will dive into the pool from some of the ledges, but it is only about 2.5m deep, with rocks on the bottom, so unless you are sure of your shallow diving skills, avoid that!