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Whale shark watching

Australia, or as the locals call it, the Lucky Country. Founded by British convicts, this country offers a wide variety of sights to see, amazingly friendly people and vast tracks of land to cross through. On top of that, the variety in climates offers something that will appeal to anyone who enjoys sunny weather. Australia can be a very expensive undertaking. Alcohol and tobacco are heavily taxed, and cost of living can be rather high. It might be a good idea to plan a working holiday, which gives you the chance to get to know the peace and vastness of the countryside. Get out of the big city away from the backpacker crowds, buy a car or camper van and enjoy life on the road, the numerous free camping areas and the friendly locals. You will also have the unique opportunity to get to know a people that have lived in the bush for thousands of years. Don't miss their art and history as they are an integral part of a journey to the Lucky Country.

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Whale shark watching
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Discover the beauty of the Togian Islands (Indonesia)

Indonesia, the fourth most populated country in the world, is a busy place. Despite the extreme chaos you find in the large cities, there are many places to go that are peaceful, welcoming and stunningly beautiful. Indonesia has many things to offer. From volcanoes, rainforests, hundreds of different languages and cultures, an interesting history, orang-outangs, komodo dragons to some of the wildest party places in South-east Asia. Indonesia is cheap to travel, has great food and some heart-warming friendly people. If you want to avoid crowds, go to less well-travelled places such as Sulawesi or Kalimantan. Or better yet, get on a boat and discover the numerous deserted islands that compromise Indonesia. Get on a plane and fly to the Banda islands for a good hike and some interesting history. Travel, stay a while, volunteer. The possibilities are endless.

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Discover the beauty of the Togian Islands (Indonesia)
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